A new book of poems titled The Absence of Zero is forthcoming from Book*hug in 2021:

“Turning shadow into transient beauty”
always beginning as ashes begin
as objects end as objects
& no different disperse now & eventually


An extract from this work appeared in the Winter 2018 56.2 issue of PRISM international.

Another book of poems titled Recalling Shallow Sleep is in preparation:

Where validity edges Wednesday
far below, waves on rocks white
prayer ocean as if endless if —

An extract from this is now available in a chapbook from above/ground press, titled Like the noises alive people wear.”

Some fragments from another work-in-progress called On Certainty have appeared on the Chaudiere Press blog during National Poetry Month 2019:

all new forgotten as if
there was a beginning when all there will be

Other fragments from a work tentatively titled Naturalized appeared in the July 2016 issue of the Literary Review of Canada:

Is there any way to think of this
imagining the other shore echo after.

Parts of this work are now available in a chapbook from Knife | Fork | Book, titled silence, then.


Some fragments from a (perhaps abandoned) work-in-progress called The Peace of Westphalia have appeared in (parenthetical) issue 7 in May 2015:

primarily concerned with the economy
of salvation / being
everyone responsible