This image is at odds with how we view ourselves

Alice it’s been years believe me don’t believe anything. All the unicorns planning to monetize the algorithm dry cleaner safety-pinned to my green silk pocket square focus group privilege democracy is worth more now the Nobel committee understand how so many could be so wrong all at once they read the right songs wrong it’s all factories & Mars. Electricity generation leads to regional cooling.

People hurt themselves and others on the streets at night without license plates orange is the new disruption pharma. Like those unapologetic saints protecting their legacy all cars matter that’s wrong echo too. Make Uber great again. Yearn to reach intellectual heights as far above any current human genius red or blue corrections corporation is a person. 

The gig is up. Fact check. She’s got this. White. Facebook. Freedom. Respect. If nothing else fundamental market conditions. Evolution capital remains. Alice, you remember.